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Schleifenbaum & Adler – Your lawyers and notary publics in Siegen and South Westphalia

From the founding of new companies and contractual negotiations to disputes with customers, business partners or employees all the way to traffic accidents and family disputes – life regularly confronts us with situations that have legal implications. But no matter what legal matter you are involved with, we are there for you, providing you with legal advice and defending your rights. Our South Westphalian law firm offers professional support in almost all matters involving civil law, notarial services and public law. We see ourselves as a service provider and attach tremendous importance to personal support. Our aim and objective is to satisfy the rights and defend the interests of our clients. You can rely on our commitment, our wealth of experience in a broad range of fields and our wide-ranging expertise. Let our team guide you through the maze of stipulations, articles, sections and subsections.

Full Service for 94 years

Founded in 1929, our law firm is located in the centre of Siegen. Our clients here have always been able to count on high-quality legal advice. In order to resolve legal issues and find solutions to problems in an optimum manner, our approach relies on specialisation and additional qualifications. It is for this reason that several members of our firm have become qualified Specialist Lawyers in their respective fields. This allows our team of around 50 persons, including a total of 13 attorneys, to offer our clients comprehensive legal advice. In addition to private individuals, companies from South Westphalia, but also companies headquartered abroad, benefit from our full service. Finally, we provide advice, negotiate and certify in English and to an extent in French as well if need be.
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Do you need legal advice? Are you looking for a lawyer to assist you in contractual negotiations or to represent you both in and out of court? Would you like to have a document notarised or certified? Or do you have any questions about our range of services? Then don’t hesitate to contact us: You can call us at +49 271 23270-0 or send an e-mail to to arrange a personal meeting at our Siegen offices. It’s simple and easy. We look forward to hearing from you!